Sunday, November 12, 2006

My latest moose production......

No not the weirdist musical you'll ever see. A new knit. This is a laplandish moose, a keen traveller she has amassed a marvellous wardrobe with her American skirt inspired by Willa Cather's Lucy Gayheart and its opening description of skateing parties, and her Russian inspired blouse all rendered in four-ply. This little lady (21cm high) would love a trip aboard the trans-siberian express with some other woodland friends but just as much as fireside chats and roast chestnuts. More clothes follow later, and who knows luggage!

Yours faithfully Holly
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Cherry Rolfe said...

Ahhh Willa Cather - wonderful. I was told, after much prompting, that Willa rhymes with "pile 'a" and cather with "father". i always had Willa as in pillar and Cather as in "save 'er"!!
We love Mooses (Meese? Moosii??)in our house. Bob has quite a thing about them and we would love to have one as a pet - especially if she was as elegant as yours!