Saturday, April 22, 2006

Isabel Allende's Eva Luna.

This is possibly the most recently read of all my Isabel Allendes' because I'm always coming back and re-reading it. To get caught up once again in the powerful human emotions as well as the myth and magic that permeate this story. Taking in a diverse cast of characters and places , dropping in and out of time. The reader is swept along as Eva Luna recounts her story from her almost mythological conception and childhood in south America. Alternating the story with the childhood of her future husband Rolf in Second World War Austria with an abusive father.
The twin strands begin slowly to wind together as the war draws to an end and Rolf must confront both the return of his feared father from the army and the previously unspoken evil that the towns people have tried to ignore. When his father turns up dead one night he is forced to flee to South America when suspicion falls on him.
From there we watch as these two people come closer and closer to being united. Aside from the central characters there are plenty in the additional cast of characters whos stories stir the emotions . And whose quest for happiness is as beautiful as the central story they surround .

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